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New Adventure Games

Dakota Winchesters Adventures

Not yet rated

Dakota Winchester’s Adventures is unique highest quality point and click adve...

Cemetery in the Woods


A haunting point and click mystery. Enter the Cemetery if you dare.

House of Fear: Revenge

Not yet rated

And amazing point and click adventure game from GamesOnly. Explore haunted ho...

Earl Grey and This Rupert Guy

Not yet rated

Earl Grey and This Rupert Guy is amazing point and click mystery game.

Monkey GO Happy Adventure


An Evil king has locked the mini monkeys toys in the castle. Get them back an...

New Escape Games

GGames Escape


Solve various puzzles in this nice escape game. Good luck!

Escape Survivor Island


You were on a trip when your plane went down into the sea.

Escape Mad Manor


Mad Manor is a place that is said to be haunted and you are stuck here!

Chicks Little House Escape

Not yet rated

In this game a girl was trapped inside a little house. Someone close the door...

Wowescape Blue Crystal Room

Not yet rated

You are locked inside a blue crystal room. No one is near to help you out. Es...

Ainars Games

20 Fathoms

Not yet rated

20 Fathoms is point and click escape game developed by Ainars, sponsored by E...

Escape Fan Room 1

Not yet rated

Escape Fan Room 1 is escape type game made by Ainars for Escape Fan. Look aro...

Shiny Schemes Escape

Not yet rated

Shiny Schemes Escape is escaping game developed by Ainars. Explore abandoned ...

Pico Prison Escape

Not yet rated

Pico Prison Escape is point’n click escape game created by Ainars, sponsored ...

The Portal Escape

Not yet rated

The Portal Escape is a escape game made by Ainars and sponsored by Escape Fan...

New Hidden Object Games

Treasure Island

Not yet rated

Come on board and prepare yourself for an exciting quest. Try to find the tre...

Cherokee Tribe

Not yet rated

Take a peek into this old village. Find the lost items and solve the hidden s...

Abandoned Treasure

Not yet rated

Are you a darer? Would you take all the risks that this adventure in a gloomy...

Day in the Playground

Not yet rated

It's a beautiful summer day and kids are playing on the playground. Explore t...

Knight’s Castle

Not yet rated

Take a peek behind the walls and explore this old knight’s castle. Find and c...

New Spot the Differences Games

Vintage Cars Differences

Not yet rated

We have images with beautiful Vintage cars. But every image have some differe...

NFS Cars Differences

Not yet rated

At this differences game we offer you a images of Need for Speed popular cars...

Spring Differences

Not yet rated

How good are you in observing things? We have a new online puzzle game for yo...

Cool Tractors 7 Differences

Not yet rated

You have 60 seconds for each level in this game. You get 10 points for every ...

Spot the Difference - vol 2

Not yet rated

The player, in each level, must spot the 6 differences between the two pictur...

Puzzle Games

Butterfly Mahjong

Not yet rated

Transform your Caterpillars into Butterflies and let your Butterflies fly awa...

Blowing Germs

Not yet rated

Blow this little crazy germs and defend the only water source of the forest f...

Animals Connect 3

Not yet rated

Connect all animals 2 by 2 and remove all animals. You need to connect 2 of t...

Monkey Go Happy Sci-Fi

Not yet rated

Monkey GO Happy has gone sci-fi! Get into the facility and rescue the mini mo...


Not yet rated

Throw a ball in the game from the top. Use aiming skills and flippers to coll...



Not yet rated

Play the Inky game. Fill in the blank squares so that each row and each colum...

Sudoku Tiles

Not yet rated

Enjoy a drag and drop game of Sudoku... save your game and return whenever yo...

Hexa Sudoku - vol 1

Not yet rated

Play the sudoku game. The entire table is divided in 16 sections, each of 4x4...


Not yet rated

Play the kakuro game. It is like a cross between a crossword and a Sudoku puz...

Christmas Sudoku

Not yet rated

Sudoku is a logic game most famous in the world and it is a challenging onlin...


White Desert Mahjong

Not yet rated

Advance through levels and enjoy great colorful graphics as well as relaxing ...

Mahjong 3D Construction

Not yet rated

Remove all tiles from 3D constructions made with Mahjong tiles.

Fish Jong 2

Not yet rated

Challenge your Mahjong skills in the deep ocean of FishJong 2! Combine 2 of t...

Tiny Virtual Mahjong

Not yet rated

Clear the mess in the kid’s room by sliding the tiles and matching two identi...

Wild Africa Mahjong 3

Not yet rated

Check your knowledge of African animals by playing this addictive mahjong in ...


Extreme Billiards

Not yet rated

Fun zuma like game with Billiard Balls. Shoot balls in the chain and make gro...

Catch The Ball

Not yet rated

The basic concept in this game is to reach or catch the ball. So, you are in ...

Cyclomaniacs Epic


Cyclomaniacs are back, with another silly storyline and lots of characters an...

Soccer Goal

Not yet rated

Your goal is to turn all gray icons into color ones. Clicking on aicon will t...

Billiard Blitz: Pool Skool

Not yet rated

Pull off amazing trick shots and rack up a massive score in this super-realis...

Flappy Bird games

Sleepy Bird

Not yet rated

Sleepy bird is falling in love and he decide go to meet his girlfriend. But h...

Ballsy Bird Flap

Not yet rated

Ballsy Bird is an extremely addicting, endless flying game with up to 9 playa...

Flappy Kaakka


Flappy kakka Flap hard and go mad to be in air "kraa kraa"!

Fluffy Bird

Not yet rated

Enter the amazingly fun challenge of the Fluffy Bird and help him fly away to...

Fluffy Cat

Not yet rated

Infinite Side Scroller with just One Button Play as a fluffy cat and dodge s...

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