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 Emperor Escape

Play enagames and give your support to us.

(Played: 204)

 Escape From Mobile Shop

In this game, you are locked inside a Mobile Shop. Your objective is to escap...

(Played: 3,167)

10 DooDoo Clicks

Room escape game - 10 in 1. Use your mouse to click on objects and locations ...

(Played: 11,757)

10 Keys Escape

You have now been stuck in a room locked with 10 locks! You have to find all ...

(Played: 4,641)

100 Euros Escape

Try to escape the 100 Euros Escape Room, use your mind and your skill... enjo...

(Played: 1,967)

11:34 That's the last thing you remember. You woke up from a dead sleep, look...

(Played: 1,530)

123Bee Library Escape

A boy comes to this library and starts reading a sci-fi book. He does not kno...

(Played: 3,724)

123Bee Pent House Escape

A person uses the Pent house as his hiding place to escape from his adversari...

(Played: 9,187)

15 ccoins 4

Short trading escape game. Good Luck!

(Played: 256)

15 coins

Fun point n' click trading adventure. you need to collect 15 coins to trade f...

(Played: 907)

15coins 3

Short escape and trading game.

(Played: 241)

20 Doors

Solve puzzles to go through 20 doors and escape.

(Played: 2,300)

20 Locker's Room Escape

You are locked up in a locker room. You will have to escape from the room by ...

(Played: 324)

2010 FIFA World Cup Escape

This is a simple escape game. It was inspired by 2010 FIFA World Cup. Enjoy it!

(Played: 4,220)

2013 Last Escape

Escape Game. Find items and solve puzzles to escape the room. Blind Fold mode...

(Played: 352)

2D Cartoom Room Escape

In this game you must search for items and clues to escape the room. Have fun!

(Played: 2,570)

2nd Floor Escape

You are locked on 2nd floor. Find items and solve puzzles to escape. Good Luck!

(Played: 4,378)

3 Safes

Escape Game. Solve puzzles and collect items to escape the room.

(Played: 643)


One door, firmly locked, but have you got what it takes to escape? 40 times?

(Played: 1,274)

This game a simple point 'n' click game. But you can escape 5 different ways ...

(Played: 5,007)

8 Keys Escape

You find yourself stuck inside a room locked by 8 locks, you must find all 8 ...

(Played: 3,464)

A Bonte Escape

A Bonte Escape, a game by Bart Bonte. You find yourself dropped in a strange...

(Played: 3,506)

A Dark Realm

You were drawn into this wretched old place and you have no idea why. Upon en...

(Played: 2,809)

A Very Dorky Christmas Escape

As Santa, it’s your job to make sure the kids are happy, no matter what they ...

(Played: 532)

Your car broke down and you found a strange place. Once inside you can't leav...

(Played: 1,755)

Abandoned Fort Escape

Assume You are trapped inside the Abandoned Fort. It's a great challenge for ...

(Played: 1,375)

You woke up to the sound of screaming caught in between the sound of crashing...

(Played: 2,523)

You were traveling around the country and ended up in a small town. While rel...

(Played: 235)

Abandoned X is a new escape game created by Melting-Mindz. You have always fe...

(Played: 2,020)

You were exploring caves in the nearby area when you came upon the Abditive A...

(Played: 2,105)

Abradine Asylum hasn't been in operation for over thirty years. There have be...

(Played: 830)

You were exploring this strange old place with some friends and got lost. Now...

(Played: 1,111)

Acid Lab Escape

You are trapped inside the lab room. And no one is near to help you out. You ...

(Played: 4,101)

Adorable House Escape

I got a job in city. I am staying with my friend's house, without my appearan...

(Played: 708)

Adorable Room Escape

You are trapped inside in an Adorable room. The door of the room is locked .T...

(Played: 1,747)

Adventure Cave - Escape

Adventure Cave Escape is another new point and click type escape the room gam...

(Played: 752)

Adventure Christmas Escape

Adventure Christmas Escape is another new point and click type escape the roo...

(Played: 348)

Adventure Forest Escape

You are looking for some Adventure and decided to go for trekking alone in th...

(Played: 549)

Adventures Escape 3

These people are continuing their trip further and are getting into a deep fo...

(Played: 5,618)

African Lounge Escape

You find yourself trapped in the mysterious African lounge, try to figure out...

(Played: 5,253)

Agatha: Atelier Escape

"Escape from atelier" is new room escape game. You have to escape from atelie...

(Played: 1,845)

Agatha: Mediterranean Escape

"Agatha: Mediterranean Escape" is new room escape game. You have to escape fr...

(Played: 2,600)

Agency Escape

You’ve been Kidnapped by some kidnappers and trapped inside an office. You ha...

(Played: 2,998)

Airport escape

When he reached the airport, he was taken under custody by the cops for smugg...

(Played: 6,847)

Airport Escape game

Escape from the airport by solving puzzles.

(Played: 900)

Alcatraz cell escape

Escape from an Alcatraz cell.

(Played: 2,913)

Alice's Luxury Kitchen Escape

You're trapped in a luxury kitchen ,find some useful objects to use them help...

(Played: 1,378)

Alien Planet Escape

Imagine a world full of Aliens.. And you are trapped there.. Try to get out o...

(Played: 2,952)

Alien Ship Escape

You are trapped in a alien ship. Find objects and clues in order to escape.

(Played: 2,069)

Alien Spaceship Escape

This is a quite unusual escape game these days, Good luck in this exotic place!

(Played: 1,063)

Aliens Secret House Escape

You are trapped inside in an Aliens Secret House. The door of the house is lo...

(Played: 736)

In we are published all our developed games daily. The games a...

(Played: 1,425)

Allied Escape

You just woke up in a room you never saw before. Investigate the room to get ...

(Played: 3,782)

Alone Hut Escape

Click on the objects in the room to interact, collect object and solve puzzle...

(Played: 867)